Our Journey


IMG_5743I met Alexandra in 2010 when she was recommended to me as a potential Pilates teacher for Carrboro Yoga. We hit it off immediately, and a year later, she went through Carolina Yoga Company’s 200-hour yoga teacher training—her second, as she had previously completed a teacher training focusing on more vigorous vinyasa flow yoga. Alexandra has since developed amazing abilities as a yoga teacher and graduated from our 500-hour advanced studies program. And she still teaches Pilates, beautifully. I attend her class weekly.

Alexandra has assisted me in teaching a regular weekly class to the UNC football team. There, in her work with me at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and in our weekly classes together, I have seen over and over again her skill of explaining yoga and core strengthening in clear, accessible, and yes, fun ways. She developed our Yoga for Aging Athletes class at Carrboro Yoga, and it’s been a joy to see how happy her students are after class. Her strong teaching and wonderful interpersonal skills leave her students feeling calm, happily balanced, and smiling.


IMG_4337The old adage is true: when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I met Sage when I was looking for a yoga mentor. For the past five years, Sage has helped me hone my instincts as a movement teacher, and she’s guided me on my yoga path. I immediately knew Sage was the mentor I needed: her ability to be articulate is striking, and she approaches yoga in a way that makes it practical and accessible. I was also drawn to Sage because she’s enthusiastic, authentic, and wise. The classes and workshops she offers—which center around her unique approach to sequencing and her long-time focus on Yoga for Athletes—have those same qualities. New yoga students find yoga far less intimidating under her friendly guidance, but long-time yoga practitioners find, as I always do, that her subtle wisdom keeps things fresh.

Indeed, as a regular attendee of Sage’s long-offered Yoga for Athletes class, I find that at the end of class I always feel so much better—mind and body. Her full classes, popular workshops, and successful books attest to the fact that her approach works.

The principles and guidelines for movement that she’s developed for Yoga for Athletes serves as the blueprint for my ideas about Yoga for Aging—marrying the two ideas together in Yoga for Aging Athletes seemed a natural step. Sage often jokes that I’m her understudy, as we both have curly hair. Since my approach to yoga has grown to resemble hers, I regularly sub her classes and assist her with workshops. On occasion, I’ve been mistaken for her— given her attributes and abilities, I hold that as the highest of compliments.