Yoga can maximize your balance, flexibility, and core strength to keep you in the game through the years.

On this site, Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato offer tips for anyone who wants to start or continue a lifelong yoga practice at any age. Look for our book, Lifelong Yoga, coming from North Atlantic Books in summer 2017.

Lifelong Yoga takes special care to serve students by offering smart adaptations to the ways our bodies change with age.

P1000453Aging presents new challenges to active, competitive people, but we believe those challenges are opportunities, not limitations. Aging gives us a chance to appreciate the body we have as it is; aging gives us the patience and perspective to truly listen to our bodies and respect their boundaries; aging gives us the wisdom to respect our injuries and quirks and embrace how much we can continue to do and achieve physically.

DSC_0122Lifelong Yoga recognizes that as we age, our bodies may tighten in new and different ways. This may be especially evident in our athletic pursuits, whether those pursuits are biking, running, walking, lifting weights, dancing, swimming, or getting out of bed! On this blog, we’ll offer videos, posts, and tips that give you the tools to stay healthy as you stay active. We’ll focus on sequences that can help loosen tight places, build core strength to protect your back, keep you balanced, and suggest useful ways to relax and reset your mind.

IMG_0328If you are an active adult who is new to yoga, this is a great place to start. We like our yoga approachable and accessible, and we believe that yoga is for every one and every body. If you already practice yoga, you may find our offerings here the perfect mix of challenge and deep stretch—especially if you are curious about how yoga can be a complement to not only your active life but also the changes that come with age.

We want to be active until the last days of our lives, and we believe a yoga practice is an essential part of that possibility. Join us as we explore how to continue to use our bodies to best effect. And share your comments and questions with us here! If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, drop us a line at